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Kate Walker

Kate seeks out beauty and detail in everything from a fresh snowfall to a medieval manuscript. Since completing a BA in Studio Arts, she has developed her artistic interests through art gallery work, museums, art administration, and art conservation. For the last few years she and her husband lived in the Bay Area, where she worked at the Stanford Art Museum as well as privately owned art conservation practices. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in historical bindings and book conservation at the American Academy of Bookbinding.

Having returned to the Northwest, Kate is focusing on her private studio practice, through which she explores historical media and processes. Her latest body of work consists of handmade maps, rendered in metal leaf, ink, and watercolor paints. She enjoys working in an enduring, understated style, which merges contemporary interests with old world techniques.


Catherine Grace

Catherine “Katie” Malone has been interested in all forms of art from the time she was little, but photography was always the one type of art that interested her the most. Being a graduate of Spokane Falls Community College, Katie earned a degree in Photography and Digital Media Production, which only intensified her love of art even more. She discovered her unique style of photography, which she calls “Abstract Urban Landscapes” in her second quarter at Spokane Falls and instantly fell in love with it. From there, she has been creating more and more prints of the same style, and discovering new processes along the way. Most of her art is based in Spokane, with some of the other prints being from Coeur d’Alene, Portland, and Vancouver. She focuses most of her pieces on architecture, but if it has solid lines, it will usually work to help create an abstract piece.


Tim Jones

an Army Veteran that enjoys working with wood. For 7 years he owned a business making wholesale signs for retail sign shops. During that time he started creating wood art on his laser. He and his wife decided he needed a change so he closed the business. Now, instead of managing a shop full of employees, he creates art. Art inspires Tim and hopes some of his art brings a little joy to others.


Madison Ashley John

Madison Ashley John is a local photographer who lives on a hobby farm in Rathdrum, Idaho. She is a full time student at North Idaho College where she is a straight A student and right side hitter on the volleyball team.

She began her photography journey at a young age alongside her mom who did advertising for local businesses. Since then she fell in love with photography. Her love for the outdoors led her to nature and wildlife photography. Madison spends most of her time outdoors and brings her camera with her wherever she goes. She enjoys kayaking, hiking, camping, paddleboarding, creative writing, and enjoying nature's beauty any chance she can. Madison's favorite thing about photography is capturing moments and emotions in each photo. She loves being able to not only share nature's beauty but the emotion and story behind the shot; allowing others to make connections to every photo! She is grateful for God's beauty and thrives on sharing it with others!

IG: @mjphotography_nature


Jessica Bonds

Jessica Bonds was born in Sandpoint Idaho, grew up in the wild forests of the Panhandle area, and lived in Arkansas during some of her teen years. Jessica has been weaving baskets and exploring photography since age 15. She won several gallery awards at age 16. Since then she has sold baskets and photography through art fairs and gift shops.

“Both my parents are very artistic and encouraged me in all of my many interests whether that was photography, sewing, calligraphy, miniature castle building or basket weaving.

My husband has also been a constant support and fellow creator with me. Sometimes he is searching for the best handle or he is dropping a chunk of ice on a rock for the 10th time so I can get that one picture!

Through the years of dabbling and growing I’ve really settled into weaving antler and driftwood baskets. There is something special about taking in God’s creation, working with the colors, textures, and movement, and seeing what He lets me create .


James K Story JR

James Story was born in Long Beach, California and grew up in a family that relocated to many states throughout most of his life. James discovered he had a creative engineering and mechanical aptitude. His co-creator always said he should've written a book called "Yankee Know How". As a young drummer musician, James has always enjoyed his music. He got his career training from working as an alarm technician which led to his electrical talent. James and Debbie established an electrical contracting service business which would be in operation's for over 30 year's . During this time, James became involved in high performance hot rods and motorcycles which he still enjoys today with his wife. James and Debbie retired in 2018 and turned their retirement into a fun new form of business called "Action Story NiteLites".


Anthony Herrera

Anthony has been around art most of his life , with his father being a painter and his mother being a illustrator. Being mentored by major artist through the years he found his home in brush pen and pencil bringing his ideas to life by always putting a new twist on his art. 36 years old now and being a part of Blackwell gallery as the manager it has come full circle for him.

Corey Coffey

Adrianne Buckley

Arianne Buckley

Adrianne Buckley is an artist who creates soulful and whimsical images of animals . through her prowess and mastery of acrylic paint. Adrianne communicates her passion for animal kingdom

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Brad McDonald

Metal Arts Creations

Brad is the artist and creative force behind 13 Crows Art, created in May 2016. He was born and raised in Mountlake Terrace, WA and now lives in Spokane, WA. Brad enjoys cooking, traveling, taking his Basset Hound Oliver on walks, hanging with neighbors and working in his shop.

Brad has a background in welding/fabricating adding accuracy and craftsmanship to tables, frames, etc. His work is primarily devoted to the creation of metal sculptures and a myriad of functional art for residences and office spaces.

His particular style of esoteric art is dedicated to adding an original and unique one of a kind decoration to his clients’ collections.

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Dan Droz

Steam Punk

Our world exists in three dimensions; but there is a fourth, non-discursive realm: The Fourth Vortex. I create three dimensional works from salvaged items, especially abandoned musical instruments. I like used things; they capture the energy of those that have handled them before. Musical instruments are especially infused with effort, emotion and creativity and yet they are eventually abandoned. There is an existential message in this as items that once held “meaning” have been allowed to become dilapidated and discarded. The goal of my mixed media sculptures is to initially appear as sound but be revealed as shadows and light as in the instant eternity between lighting and thunder.


Ezekial Fee

Watercolor and Charcoal Artist

Ezekiel Fee is a 20 year old local, self-taught artist. Picking up a brush in 2014, at age 14, he began his journey.

Ezekiel's watercolor captured simple beauty in the everyday. Movement emanates from a rainy street. A flash of color and you feel the storm. With a striking use of contrast and the softest hues, his work brings crisp definition and subtle suggestion. His watercolors capture a moment we can slip into... and feel. While more recently exploring charcoal, he's able to catch the same feeling in a completely different medium.

Ezekiel designed the winning poster art for 2019 Art on the Green, while also getting 2nd place in the Juried Painting category.

You can find Ezekiel on Instagram @ezekielfee and Youtube: Ezekiel Fee


Greg Chapelski

Greg recently moved to Coeur d’Alene after having lived in Colorado over 50 years, a major part of which he free-lanced as a writer and illustrator in the world of advertising. He is a graduate of Rocky Mountain School of Art and Design in Denver.

Outside of a few formal watercolor classes during his school years, he is mostly self-taught. Now retired, Greg has devoted himself to mastering the medium of watercolor and teaching it to others. He often drives his pick-up truck on back-roads, with camera in hand, to photograph reference material such as old structures, steam engines, rusty pick-ups, or anything with scenic or nostalgic value…. Click, click!

Being a craftsman in all he does, Greg makes almost all of the frames for his paintings, along with cutting mats, fitting glass and installing the hangers. As he says’ “It’s a part of the process”. Enjoy!

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Jason Sanchez

Jason Sanchez, one of our long standing International Award Winning artists here at the Blackwell Gallery, is a disabled American Veteran. We are so proud of him and his service to our country in the Army as well as all Veterans who have given so much.

The 37 year old artist is married with 4 children and lives here in Coeur d’Alene. We love the range of his artistic talent and are proud to showcase his acrylic and oil paintings as well as his steel, bronze, aluminum and wood sculptures.


Johnathan McGuire

Abstract Oils and Acrylic Painter

Johnathan McGuire's interest in art first started as a collector. With many painting in his personal collection, Johnathan was inspired to start painting through his relationships with other artists. These other artist encouraged him to start painting without the need for any formal training. This lack of formal training combined with his love of colors and dramatic expression immediately drew him too abstract art.

He always considers himself an art collector FIRST, and an artist second. Along with his daughter Aria, he is constantly on the hunt for new pieces to add to his collection, searching at local galleries, boutiques and thrift stores. A local small business owner and accomplished pianist, Johnathan loves living in the Pacific Northwest and contributing to our vibrant local artistic culture.

You can view Johnathans collection at

Lindsay Thiele

Lindsay Thiele

Oil and Acrylic Painter

Lindsay is a North Idaho based artist who works with various paint mediums, primarily using acrylic and oil. Lindsay holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and has been a creator for years, though, just recently began her pursuit in painting full-time.

Lindsay is drawn to the quiet, confident, mysterious strength exuded in wildlife and enjoys creating pieces that communicate this feel. She was quite surprised, too discover a strong interest and enjoyment in painting portraits of people as well. Her process varies, sometimes beginning with graphite, pen and inks then finishing in oils, other times a piece will be created wholly using oils.

As many artists define their style, right now Lindsay is compelled to keep experimenting with paint. She enjoys both contemporary and traditional styles and will continue playing in both.

Lindsay currently resides in Hayden with her Husband Nick and their silly pup Bodhi.

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Nick Bradley

Nick Bradley is a local artist who creates unique art out of old iron parts and pieces. We are currently featuring his “Fullness of the Heart” Collection.

Over the past 30 years Nick’s day job has been repairing freight cars for the Union Pacific Railroad. He has combined his welding background, natural creative talent and access to iron parts, pieces and scraps to create some truly unique art. His motto is “upcycle, re-purpose, recycle, reclaim … but most of all ENJOY!”.


Peggy Ann Thompson

Peggy has a passion for art and her paintings are inspired by natures treasures, intuition, light and imagination. She has been painting since early childhood. Her mother was an amazing artist and she had a profound effect on her life as a painter. She was born and raised in the south and lived in Hawaii for 25 years before moving to Idaho in 2008. The dramatic changes and having the opportunity to experience the four seasons has helped her to evolve as an artist. She is self taught and inspired by impressionist masters Monet, Van Gogh and Degas. Peggy has studied their compositions, light and emotion. She paints in oils using a palette knife ... layering to build interest, depth and magnetism. It is a unique impasto process using a large amount of paint.

Stephen Shortridge Tutt'Art@ (1).jpeg

Stephen Shortridge

Stephen Charles Shortridge, the artist may be more familiar to you as an actor. During the seventies and eighties, Shortridge built an enviable career appearing in such well-known television series as "Welcome Back Kotter" and "The Love Boat". He co-starred with Debbie Reynolds on the ABC show "Aloha Paradise". He spent the year of 1987 playing the role of David Reed as part of the original cast on the CBS daytime soap opera "The Bold and the Beautiful". Stephen also worked regularly as a model and appeared in over fifty TV commercials.

Stephen enjoyed acting but found painting much more creatively satisfying and explains, "In acting a large part of the creative process had taken place by the time I was involved. In contrast, painting gives me complete control from start to finish, which is good and bad. Good when the work is good, ... bad, when there is no one else to blame for bad but me."

"I think the most important aspect of creating is staying true to your heart and trying to share that passion. I think too often we pursue knowledge rather than experience or relationship. Knowledge never creates anything, but intimate experience of the heart does.“

"Romantic Impressionism is what I do... I think the term best expresses how and why I paint. I appreciate, or try to appreciate, all forms of art, but the one that first stirred me was Impressionism. To me it was bold, and full of life and color. It was uninhibited and had a magic quality to it. Rather than attempt to tell you something accurately, it just made you feel it! That's why I set out to interpret life through this style of art; it invites the viewers' emotions to take part.“

"Over the last several years the two artists that I most admire are, Josquin Sorolla, and John singer Sargent. Sorolla, for his passionate expression, and Sargent, for his simple mastery. However, what I am most passionate about, as an artist, is holding on to MY expression of what I paint. I think Richard Schmidt, an excellent contemporary artist, put it best, "it's not WHAT do you see! . . .It's what do YOU see!.“

"I thank God for everything, the least of which is to be creative, and to paraphrase a famous line from "Chariots of Fire", ' ... when I paint I feel His pleasure' ... this I certainly do!"

You can see more of Stephens work at


Tony Mills

WildLife Photographer

Tony Mills is a longtime resident of Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. He is an outdoor and wildlife enthusiast who loves hiking, fishing, hunting, camping and of course Photography. Tony spends much of his time in the outdoors enjoying all life has to offer and sharing it with others through his images.

Photography holds a special place in his heart and studying his subjects in their habitat is one of his favorite places to be. Tony has a great appreciation and respect for nature and loves to capture it, some in photo's and some meant just for a memory.

It is very important to Tony for the subject to be captured in its best and natural state to display the beauty of not only God's creatures but in God's country.

Tony's passion is bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside to you, so that you too can be in awe and wonder along side of him. He finds great reward in sharing images with those who are not as fortunate to have the opportunity, experience, or equipment to see all life has to offer for themselves.

Any picture can be ordered in different size, on canvas, acrylic or metal. In black and white or color.

40x30 or 30x40 $600

20x30 or 30x20 $480

20x24 or 24x20 $380


Will Bullas - Happy Hour Collection

The Art of Will Bullas

Happy Hour Collection

Born in Ohio and raised in the Southwest, Will Bullas enrolled at Arizona State University and was majoring in fine arts with a minor in dramatic arts when he was drafted. In Vietnam, his first professional pieces were pencil portraits of fellow soldiers, which were sent to loved ones back home. Returning from military duty, he enrolled in the Brooks Institute of Fine Art in Santa Barbara, California and graduated with a degree in oil painting.

With the encouragement of his wife, Claudia, he then quit his printing press job—reproducing the work of other artists—and concentrated on his own art. The couple settled in California, where Will's exclusive relationship with galleries resulted in a growing group of dedicated, enthusiastic collectors.

Will makes fine art fun. This master of one-liners combines award winning artist skills with a hilarious point of view, creating a refreshing and unexpected new way to enjoy fine art.

The Infused Metal process represents a new art medium for preserving fine art by infusing dyes directly into specially coated metal sheets. The metal prints take on a magical luminescence. Because the image is infused into the surface and not on it, the archival qualities of this unique process are unparalleled.

You've never seen a more brilliant impressive piece of art before! Colors are vibrant and the luminescence is breathtaking. Detail and resolution are unsurpassed. They are waterproof, scratch resistant, extremely durable and can be cleaned with industrial glass cleaner

Anne Hedin

Anne Hedin born and raised in the Pacific Northwest finds that her love of art, nature, and wildlife fuels her passion for creation. Her paintings are unique in style and bold pops of color and powerful use of line. As a champion of the arts, Hedin often contributes her time and talents to bring more art accessibility to Idaho and Washington through her community based art installations. You can view more of Anne's work on instagram at amhedin_art or Tik Tok at


John Watson Bio Coming Soon


Kristopher James

WoodLab Jennifer.png


"Tree to table sustainable" handcrafted custom furniture, river tables & household goods + wood slab and @EcoPoxy sales from our shop in Eagle, ID