Ezekial Fee

Watercolor and Charcoal Artist

Ezekiel Fee is a 20 year old local, self-taught artist. Picking up a brush in 2014, at age 14, he began his journey.

Ezekiel's watercolor captured simple beauty in the everyday. Movement emanates from a rainy street. A flash of color and you feel the storm. With a striking use of contrast and the softest hues, his work brings crisp definition and subtle suggestion. His watercolors capture a moment we can slip into... and feel. While more recently exploring charcoal, he's able to catch the same feeling in a completely different medium.

Ezekiel designed the winning poster art for 2019 Art on the Green, while also getting 2nd place in the Juried Painting category.

You can find Ezekiel on Instagram @ezekielfee and Youtube: Ezekiel Fee