Greg Chapelski

Greg recently moved to Coeur d’Alene after having lived in Colorado over 50 years, a major part of which he free-lanced as a writer and illustrator in the world of advertising. He is a graduate of Rocky Mountain School of Art and Design in Denver.

Outside of a few formal watercolor classes during his school years, he is mostly self-taught. Now retired, Greg has devoted himself to mastering the medium of watercolor and teaching it to others. He often drives his pick-up truck on back-roads, with camera in hand, to photograph reference material such as old structures, steam engines, rusty pick-ups, or anything with scenic or nostalgic value…. Click, click!

Being a craftsman in all he does, Greg makes almost all of the frames for his paintings, along with cutting mats, fitting glass and installing the hangers. As he says’ “It’s a part of the process”. Enjoy!