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Sue Anderson »

Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska Sue is the youngest of 6 children. She has been drawing ever since she could pick up a pencil. Drawing came naturally and without thought. As a child Sue followed Disney movies closely, fascinated with the fantasy and fairy tales, her imagination was launched. Through her young life Sue was commissioned to complete works and portraits by those admiring her talents. Upon seeing the Anime feature titled...


Alia Anthony »

Alia Anthony...

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Pamela Asher »

Pamela Asher is an artist that grew up in Phoenix Arizona where her father, a photographer and artist encouraged her art. It was however, her Uncle Chuck a Chelsea Hotel artist in New York who has always been her greatest inspiration. Although she has worked in a variety of mediums sculpting, printmaking and painting are what she enjoys most.

Pamela graduated from Arizona State University in 1979 with a degree in Art Education and a...

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Keith Boe »

Keith’s love for cameras and photography goes all the way back to the days of is youth. His Dad was quite the photo enthusiast and he spent all his free time as a young teenager with his dad’s old Cannon 35mm kit. Working various jobs growing up; he spent his limited funds on lenses and film.

Being blessed to live in beautiful North Idaho, Keith sees all around him an endless array of composition and striking imagery. He has been...

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Nick Bradley »

Nick Bradley is a local artist who creates unique art out of old iron parts and pieces. We are currently featuring his “Fullness of the Heart” Collection.

Over the past 30 years Nick’s day job has been repairing freight cars for the Union Pacific Railroad. He has combined his welding background, natural creative talent and access to iron parts, pieces and scraps to create some truly unique art. His motto is “upcycle, re-purpose,...

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Barry Burgess »

Barry Burgess began his life in Chicago, Illinois and has lived and visited everywhere in the world art flourishes. He now makes his studio in Sandpoint, ID. His works have been on display in various places and others exist in private collections. Much of his work is contemporary, social commentary, and some of his work asks serious questions while at other times it is simply whimsical.

His art is inspired specifically by...

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Beth Rich Brown (ThruBlueiis) »

Beth's favorite quote is from Ralph Waldo Emerson: "Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not." Photography is the perfect way to carry "the beautiful" with us after we leave a place. Beth Rich Brown is a Coeur d'Alene, Idaho landscape photographer see the world Thru her Blue iis (eyes) and wants to share some of her favorite images with you and in turn

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Marae Carr »

It is easy to be inspired by the stunning Northwest. The water and trees. The mountains and sky. The reflections of one in the other. Marae Carr, a native of Idaho, interprets her colorfully abstract perspective using acrylics, oils, sharpies, paper and oil pastels. Her art comes from a surrender to the intuitive process of creating and setting intentional time to allow herself the freedom to go with the flow. It is fueled by a need to...


Carole Ann Cossette »

Carole Ann grew up on a farm in southern Idaho and she has lived in Spokane, Washington since 1979. She started painting in 1998 and she has been doing so ever since. Her love of animals, abstracts and still-life come from her childhood, but she has found a deep love for the contemporary and abstract world of fine art.

Carole Ann is a self taught artist and is a great experimentalist when it comes to attempting new things with a brush...


Nicolette DeMoe »

Nicolette is a watercolor artist who lives in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. She is also a wife, mother of three amazing children and a pharmacist. When she discovered that she had a love of art ... especially watercolors. Now as an adult


Ricco diStefano »

Ricco was born and raised in Spokane, Washington. He was educated in fine arts at Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design in Denver, Colorado and Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington. He worked as a graphic designer, illustrator and art director before finding his place as a professional painter. He now lives on an organic vegetable farm that he shares with his wife and two children in picturesque Hobart Washington just...


Nicole Eaton »

It's not just about making something with intricacy, admittedly, Nicole Eaton finds that working with metal has an element of control. Working as a clinical social worker most of her hours of the day, she is put under a magnitude of stress to perform to the best of her abilities while balancing taking care of two kids as a single mother; additionally running a business.

While adventurously traveling in various locations around the...


Ken Hansen »

Ken is the artist behind Creative Woodworkings. When he retired at age 55 he took up carving wooden fish and that has turned into a 50 hour a week "hobby". Ken spends most days working with bandsaws and sanders creating unique salmon and trout. He uses many varieties of wood for his creation, but his favorites are buckeye burl, redwood burl and cottonwood burl. A "burl" is part of the root system of a tree and they are dug from the ground...


Kevin Jester »

Kevin Jester spent the better part of 35 years here in Coeur d’Alene as an architect. The majority of those years were with Architects West and we love that if you walk out our back door you practically walk into their front door. This to say that he has been right here all along … and now we are thrilled to be able to have him join our Blackwell Gallery family.

The choice of which of his works to start with wasn’t easy, but we hope...

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LK Artist »

LK is an artist with international roots. She fell in love with art and color in the amazing city of Barcelona Spain at an early age. Her passion for colors and gift for uniting them in a way that moves you to emotion when you walk into a room is what art is all about. To see the world through her eyes is to see a connection between the ordinary and the extraordinary. To her everything contains beauty and a message.


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Tanden Launder »

Tanden aims to create art that tells a story, pieces that grab your attention in bold imagery and slowly draw your intrigue as you pick up on snippets of detail. He wants you to get the feeling that there’s always more to find in a piece.

Tanden never had a TV growing up, so creativity was the lifeblood of his fun; He feel it was the end of a more wholesome age. Probably why a large group of his work is monochromatic with simple...

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Rustic Industrial Designs »

Rusty and Coco from Rustic Industrial Designs are husband and wife artisans that have embarked on the crazy journey of making new furniture the old fashioned way, by hand! Their products reflect the same opposites attract relationship as their marriage of over 20 years. On one side is their use of welded steel which provides efficient and enduring strength. On the other side is their incorporation of beautifully crafted wood, creating a...

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Jason Sanchez »

Jason Sanchez, one of our long standing International Award Winning artists here at the Blackwell Gallery, is a disabled American Veteran. We are so proud of him and his service to our country in the Army as well as all Veterans who have given so much.

The 37 year old artist is married with 4 children and lives here in Coeur d’Alene. We love the range of his artistic talent and are proud to showcase his acrylic and oil paintings as...

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Adam Schluter »

You may have read about Adam in the CDA Press. He is an outdoor-centric person who embarked on a journey to travel and camp along the Pacific Coast – starting at the tip of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and ending in Alaska. After a detour from Seattle to Glacier National Park brought him through Coeur d’Alene … you guessed it … he is now a member of the “Came Here on Vacation and Fell in Love with Coeur d’Alene and Moved Here” Club.

Adam is...


Mike Schneider »

Mike has worked with metal for years, and in the process of cutting and welding has found that there is always a heat signature of color left. Those colors combined with his imagination are what you experience when you see Mike's creations

His work is entirely custom, hand made and most is three dimensional. He use several different grinding and heating techniques that bring out colors and shadows that vary greatly, thus creating a...

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Peggy Ann Thompson »

Peggy has a passion for art and her paintings are inspired by natures treasures, intuition, light and imagination. She has been painting since early childhood. Her mother was an amazing artist and she had a profound effect on her life as a painter. She was born and raised in the south and lived in Hawaii for 25 years before moving to Idaho in 2008. The dramatic changes and having the opportunity to experience the four seasons has helped...

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Jeff Weir »

Jeff Weir grew up in Athol, Idaho on 34 acres of forest and fell in love with the outdoors and wildlife. In the spring, summer and fall he has his own arborist business and started painting a few winters ago in the slow season. He is a self-taught artist; gaining skill through practice and studying a mixture of oil colors. His grandmother was an oil painter and he uses her mixing sheets (on the wall in his studio behind him) as a...