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Barry Burgess

Barry Burgess began his life in Chicago, Illinois and has lived and visited everywhere in the world art flourishes. He now makes his studio in Sandpoint, ID. His works have been on display in various places and others exist in private collections. Much of his work is contemporary, social commentary, and some of his work asks serious questions while at other times it is simply whimsical.

His art is inspired specifically by non-representational artists: Graffiti artist Bansky; a physically challenged Realist Chuck Close; the phenomenal Collage Master Robert Rauschenberg; as well as serial humorist and magnificent illustrators Charles Bragg and Graham Clarke. Certainly Picasso is a hero of his for his ability to turn subject matter into fractals where art and life too often reside.

Barry will tell you he has too many heroes in art and must pay homage to some rather skilled scientists who are artists of their own particular realm: Ray Kurzweil, a restless genius and pioneer in art, music and science to name just one.

Put them all together, and it is the expressions of their thoughts on all matters of life that give meaning to us all and for which he is grateful.

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