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Keith Boe

Keith’s love for cameras and photography goes all the way back to the days of is youth. His Dad was quite the photo enthusiast and he spent all his free time as a young teenager with his dad’s old Cannon 35mm kit. Working various jobs growing up; he spent his limited funds on lenses and film.

Being blessed to live in beautiful North Idaho, Keith sees all around him an endless array of composition and striking imagery. He has been contributing photographer to the Coeur d’Alene Press, Idaho Panhandler, Coeur d’Alene Living Local and Sizzle’n Cuisine magazines. He started the Facebook Group "North Idaho Life" online in 2015 which has grown to over 25,000 members and is well known for its vibrancy and welcoming community spirit.

“I stand amazed at the beauty of God's Creation and capturing views through the lens has given me so much appreciation for life and the small things I see every day. “