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Ken Hansen

Ken is the artist behind Creative Woodworkings. When he retired at age 55 he took up carving wooden fish and that has turned into a 50 hour a week "hobby". Ken spends most days working with bandsaws and sanders creating unique salmon and trout. He uses many varieties of wood for his creation, but his favorites are buckeye burl, redwood burl and cottonwood burl. A "burl" is part of the root system of a tree and they are dug from the ground and resemble a 500-1,000 pound potato.

Ken and his wife travel to northern California at least twice a year to hand pick the burls from their various wood suppliers. He then has them custom cut into his desired thickness. Each burl is unique in coloring and grain as is each fish.

Ken currently has his work in galleries in Washington, Idaho, Montana and California.