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LK Artist

LK is an artist with international roots. She fell in love with art and color in the amazing city of Barcelona Spain at an early age. Her passion for colors and gift for uniting them in a way that moves you to emotion when you walk into a room is what art is all about. To see the world through her eyes is to see a connection between the ordinary and the extraordinary. To her everything contains beauty and a message.

European born artist LK has been painting since 2005. While at first it appears her paintings are bound in contemporary/modern discourse, references to nature and movement are abundant. LK uses techniques from all eras to create the illusion of depth and volume on a two dimensional surface. Her pieces could be puled from the pages of the chaos theory, as they mimic the science of surprises, the non-linear and the unpredictable. Her work as a whole reconciles chaos/order and earthly/divine.