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Marae Carr

It is easy to be inspired by the stunning Northwest. The water and trees. The mountains and sky. The reflections of one in the other. Marae Carr, a native of Idaho, interprets her colorfully abstract perspective using acrylics, oils, sharpies, paper and oil pastels. Her art comes from a surrender to the intuitive process of creating and setting intentional time to allow herself the freedom to go with the flow. It is fueled by a need to mix colors and to feel the brush against the canvas. Every piece is infused with love and good vibes.

Marae lives in Coeur d’Alene with her 2 awesome kids and rad hubby who put up with her art taking over the house and making her smile endlessly. When she is not in her studio, she is either working as a Medical Aesthetician, playing with her family or doing handstands.