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Rustic Industrial Designs

Rusty and Coco from Rustic Industrial Designs are husband and wife artisans that have embarked on the crazy journey of making new furniture the old fashioned way, by hand! Their products reflect the same opposites attract relationship as their marriage of over 20 years. On one side is their use of welded steel which provides efficient and enduring strength. On the other side is their incorporation of beautifully crafted wood, creating a warm, inviting richness that exudes home. They blend these two genres to create our signature Rustic Industrial style. Each piece we create reflects this purpose for which they were designed.

Rusty started woodworking and welding over 30 years ago developing aptitudes which have allowed him to gain the skill and craftsmanship to design, engineer, and hand make our functional works of art. Coco spent time in Europe and acquired an appreciation for furniture made by hand, and finishes that reflected a natural aesthetic . Different in composition, yet united in purpose, wood and steel are married to offer the warmth of home combined with strength and endurance of family. We hope you love our furniture and that it will add value and beauty to your life.

Experience why our company's motto is

"Overbuilt Is Underrated!"