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Tanden Launder

Tanden aims to create art that tells a story, pieces that grab your attention in bold imagery and slowly draw your intrigue as you pick up on snippets of detail. He wants you to get the feeling that there’s always more to find in a piece.

Tanden never had a TV growing up, so creativity was the lifeblood of his fun; He feel it was the end of a more wholesome age. Probably why a large group of his work is monochromatic with simple highlights but heavily visual. He built tree forts, slingshots, and floated log rafts down the river. He also drew a lot; He'd draw the designs for future cabin floor plans, robots vs. Godzilla, cowboys and everything in between. He got into business as a teenager, and went through the school of hard knocks fighting his way up the totem pole as a fledgling designer. Currently he runs the menswear concept store Thrux Lawrence where they build old-school leather and canvas bags and operate a 1930s styled Barber Shop and have a very detailed retail experience. The whole concept is heritage Americana, which has had Tanden's attention for as long as he can remember. He loves the guts, the glory, working hard, getting dirty, getting shit done, and get the "hell out of my way", part of fending for yourself in the good ole USA. He has a similar resolve as he steps forth as an artist, He'll crash, burn, get up (probably turn it into art) and keep going.