Elle Brown

Elle Brown is best known for her unique one of a kind oil paintings that encapsulate her personality and flair. From the realism of breakfast to the abstract farm, Elle has always stayed true to her quirkiness by continuing to expand and do the next distinctive piece with a whole new appeal. If you were to compare her whimsical Van Goghnuts next to her Vintage Bicycle rarely would the eye see the same artist. Unless the eye knows Elle.

Though Elle has always called the Pacific Northwest home, she has moved from one state to the next including Washington, Wisconsin, Hawaii, New York and Virginia. The moving and unique style of living drives who Elle is. She carries herself with the perfect balance of wittiness, charisma, determination, and unpredictability. Adventure continues to be her life motto as she literally juggles her paint brush along with binkies, toys, and bottles. Though she has settled with a beautiful family of four in Spokane, WA, her persistence to push herself to the next level as an artist true to herself remains.

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