Jacqueline Brewer

Often times it is said that through the work of our hands flows the content of our character. It is a revealing of one’s heart and very core poured into something tangible.

Art is remarkable in its unique ability to manifest connection. Often times it brilliantly works to create a platform that evokes a broad range of emotions and brings us to a place of relatability. It draws you to the fundamental and raw experiences of existing. The most simplistic and intricate emotions can be reached through a wide scope of mediums. Art is created as a vessel that is always giving but never aims to take, it exists to serve in whatever capacity you give it power to. That in itself is incredible.

My work allows me to paint through life's kaleidoscope lens in which every onlooker gets a unique glimpse of what's beneath the surface, seeing and taking something different from each piece.

I draw from the many roles I've gotten to lead in my life, the earliest taking me back to an abundance of vivid memories that fondly find their way on to my canvas. Adorning my favorite memories, and often triggering my desire to bring them back as experiences I can share, color has laced itself through countless moments as the most incredible shapes, smells, sounds, and experiences prompting an insatiable need to capture them all.

Through many of life's breathtaking roles and happenings, rooted in the Pacific Northwest here I find myself a paint slinger, a mother to a tribe of women, a bike wife to a diehard gearhead, a cancer warrior, an avid health and wellness enthusiast, a gardener, a sports junkee, a dreamer with bottomless wanderlust and an adventurer with a profound passion and appreciation for a God given talent not to be wasted, a life that is teeming with art. My art is one of my greatest testaments to a life well lived, a testament that exists to manifest joy in all of life's circumstances.

Jacqueline Brewer