Joseph Rastovich

I was born in Portland, OR to parents who are professional full-time artists. It was when we moved to Tri-Cities, WA where I have developed as an artist. I had full access to hundreds of brushes, paints and surfaces. I was also unschooled, meaning I was able to exit institutionalized education and pursue what I wanted to explore. At 14 years old, I was a dishwasher at a jazz club and spent my paychecks on metalworking tools to begin working on sculptures. I completed my first public sculpture, named “Synergy”, by the time I was 18 years old. I have since completed 14 public sculptures, attended the top art festivals in the country and won multiple awards.

Having chosen steel as my medium for its infinite malleability and rugged permanence, my usual tools consist of the welder, plasma cutter and angle grinder. I believe the artist's studio is just as artful as the art they produce. My work-space consists of a 4' X 16' table made from I-Beams, an old 1970's forklift, stacks of steel plate, century old sheet-metal working tools, a sandblasting cabinet, fat industrial paint brushes, gallons of unexpressed paint, and dozens of other unique tools & materials.

As a philosopher and writer, I create sculpture to communicate the indescribable deep truths of existence. I believe my sculptures serve as landmarks which hold the experience of people who interact with them. Gestalts of the subconscious.

While inspired by artists like Andy Goldsworthy. Richard Serra and Alexander Calder, as an individualist I strive to be completely unique in my creative manifestations. I pull from varied aesthetics from ancient symbolism, to Japanese wabi sabi, to industrial design, to patterns of nature.

My recent gallery work has been an intentional rebellion from perfection. I seek to highlight the raised welds thus showing the artist hand, maintain layout markings as echos of creative thought and retain weathered scars to remind of time.

The common theme in my life is to honor beauty and expression. My purpose is to make the world a better place through my creative manifestations.